Sound algorithms ... for Beautiful Emotions !


Welcome to Carbon13 !

My Nickname is « Stereosound » and I dedicate this site to the strong and - too often ignored - interaction between the CONTAINER and the CONTENT in Recorded Music.

By CONTAINER : I refer to all the technical steps of audio recording, mixing and mastering processes that will allow the reproduction, diffusion and sharing of a musical work to a listener, bringing it into a different time space (as opposed to attending a Concert).

By CONTENT: I refer to the musical work, created and performed by artists, with the aim of communicating a message and/or connecting with our emotions.


Evolution ... and Quality

Having more than 40 years of experience and practice in the Audio field (i.e. listening system, recording, mixing, ...) ... I have therefore known over the years : VACCUM TUBE, TAPE Recorder, K7 audio, VINYL, birth of DIGITAL sound, CD, DAT, MP3-AAC-ALAC ..., and the replacementof heavy and bulky electronic audio processor racks by simple audio PLUG-INS, ...

And - curiously enough - the latest technological possibilities allow both unprecedented quality (from a scientific point of view), but sometimes contribute to a form of qualitative regression of the CONTAINER … detrimenting greatly to the artistic creation, the artist ... and the final listener, the music lover.



My BACKGROUND question being is : wich new audio processing solutions could be INVENTED*, to better serve the work and creation of MUSIC?

The objective is not to only to think about it ... without combining it with the possibilities for COMPARATIVE EXPERIENCES and listening to ALTERNATIVE POSSIBILITIES**.

Your opinion, feedback and positive interest will help us to find the way to deploy the solution that will have retained your enthusiasm.

* Of course, as a complement to the existing high-performance solutions.

** In addition: articles on techniques, benefits and analyses of certain practices or solutions in use.